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STABILO Point 88 ColorParade 20 Fineliners

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This set of STABILO Point 88 fineliner pens comes complete with a handy stand-up case, meaning it’s easier than ever to identify the colours you need to use. With their iconic image of a hexagonal striped barrel and coloured caps, the Point 88 fineliner is as popular now as it always has been.

The Point 88’s feature a 0.4mm needle shaped porous point, with a metal sleeve to protect the nib from fraying when used with templates, stencils and rules. The ink is vibrant, and closely matches the coloured ventilated caps to provide effortless choosing of colour every time.

Suitable for right and left handers, these pens will not smudge whilst being used. They are perfect for children, as well as for professional work such as drafting, plans, layouts, graphic design, architectural drawings, illustration and much more. Thanks to the 25 vivid colours available, these pens are also great for a range of hobby and craft projects, like scrapbooking and card making.

This set of STABILO Point 88 pens in the ColorParade boxed design has the following 20 colours:

50- Crimson, 40- Red, 89- Dark Ochre, 54- Orange, 44- Yellow, 33- Apple Green, 36- Green, 53- Pine Green, 51- Turquoise, 57- Azure, 32- Ultramarine, 41- Blue, 22- Night Blue, 55- Violet, 58- Lilac, 56- Pink, 26- Apricot, 45- Brown, 96- Dark Grey, 46- Black.

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