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Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens are acrylic based marker pens that can be used on many different surfaces. Each size of Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pen has replaceable nibs and all pens are fully refillable. Here at Pullingers we stock individual MOLOTOW ONE4ALL pens as well as 30ml refills, 180ml refills, replacement nibs and empty pens.

How do Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens work?

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens need to be shaken with the cap on before each use. Before first use, uncap your Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pen and pump the nib against some scrap paper until the ink flows smoothly.

To refill your Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pen, simply unscrew the nib unit and pour ink directly from the refill bottle into the pen barrel, then replace the nib and the cap, shake, and then pump the nib as above.

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pen inks can be mixed to create unique colours, and can then be added to empty MOLOTOW ONE4ALL Paint Pens.

What nib sizes are available in Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens?

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens are available in 6 different sizes, which gives a great range for a multitude of tasks. Below is a list of the sizes that we have here at Pullingers.

Molotow ONE4ALL 127HS-EF Paint Pen 1mm Extra Fine Nib

Molotow ONE4ALL 127HS-CO Paint Pen 1.5mm Crossover Nib

Molotow ONE4ALL 127HS Paint Pen 2mm Nib

Molotow ONE4ALL 227HS Paint Pen 4mm Nib

Molotow ONE4ALL 327HS Paint Pen 8mm Chisel Nib

Molotow ONE4ALL 627HS Paint Pen 15mm Nib

Pullingers verdict on Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens

Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens are the ideal choice for artists who create large murals and urban art, as well as for anyone who wants to use vibrant colours on a multitude of surfaces such as paper, card, canvas, concrete, wood and more. Brilliant for mixing colours, the Molotow ONE4ALL Paint pen refills and empty pens create another level to add to your art, and these quality pens are even great for crafts. If you need any help or advice with our Molotow ONE4ALL Paint Pens, or with any of our other products, please feel free to get in touch.

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