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Tombow Dual Brush Pen Set of 18 - Primary

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Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens come in a range of 96 colours, with many different sets also on offer. This particular set comes with 18 shades to help you define Primary colours.

The ink inside these Dual Brush Pens is water based, making it odourless acid free and non-toxic, as well as being able to be blended very successfully with water. The large brush tip works exceptionally well when used to create large areas of colour, and can also be used for making gradually thickening lines as more pressure is applied. The smaller tip is useful for fine detail, tight drawings, stencilling and also for writing.

The ink comes from a single reservoir, meaning you can get the same exact colour from each tip, every time, making these pens the economical choice. When the ink is applied to a glossy surface, water can be applied to mix colour, and also to create a more watercolour-like effect with ease.

These pens are suitable to be used alongside watercolour, as well as for designing, illustrating, cartooning and Manga work, and a range of craft and hobby projects.

The colours in this 18 set are:

N15- Black, 055- Process Yellow, 173- Willow Green, 296- Green, 346- Sea Green, 535- Cobalt Blue, 555- Ultramarine, 606- Violet, 665- Purple, 755- Rubine Red, 845- Carmine, 879- Brown, 899- Redwood, 905- Red, 925- Scarlet, 947- Burnt Sienna, 977- Saddle Brown, 985- Chrome Yellow.


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