Blundell Harling

Blundell Harling Ltd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Technical Drawing Boards and architecture supplies. Based in Weymouth, Dorset, Blundell Harling has been providing technical drawing materials to students, architects, engineers and designers since 1948. Blundell Harling’s high quality, affordable drawing boards are especially popular with architecture, interior design and garden design students. They also supply a large range of scale rules for architects and engineers.

Pullingers stock a wide selection of Blundell Harling Drawing Boards as well as flat, oval and triangular scale rules. Each Drawing Board comes with parallel motion rules allowing you to work with set squares and templates easily. The Challenge Drawing Board is the most economic. It is a lightweight, portable Drawing Board ideal for transporting to college, whereas the Challenge Ferndown Drawing Board has the added flexibility of four different working angles. If you are looking for a top quality portable board the Trueline Drawing Board is the answer. It has a lockable rule allowing you to work hands free and the straightedge is double bevelled to prevent smudging when using Rotring Technical Pens or other Fineliners. Blundell Harling’s all singing all dancing board is the Trueline Sherbourne. This drawing board offers the features of the Trueline along with four adjustable angles in the Sherbourne stand. Blundell Harling is renowned for making high quality Drawing Boards for all levels and budgets. If you are unsure which drawing board suits your needs please contact us and we will happily help you make the right choice.

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