Tech-Style is owned by Teloman Products, a UK company founded in 1979. Initially a manufacturer of Artist’s Portfolios and Cases it now sells a variety of graphic art supplies. Teloman purchased Technical Sales in 2011 and now manufactures portfolios, carry cases and image boxes under the Tech-Style name. Their products are manufactured in the UK in order to maintain the highest standards.

Pullingers stock a great selection of Tech-Style Portfolios, Carry Cases and Display Boxes to suit all budgets. All Tech-Style Portfolios feature steel bars in the spine to support the sleeves, burst proof rings and heavy duty zips. Tech-Style Presentation Sleeves are manufactured in a 180 micron non- stick PVC that has a special coating to reduce glare from bright lights. This is a great advantage when displaying artwork at exhibitions and graduate shows. The Tech-Style Matrix Carry Case is strong and waterproof with a double zip closure. With a side handle it is Ideal for carrying and storing artwork. For transporting a larger amount of artwork or heavy boards the Tech-Style Grande Folio Carry Case, with its double width, is perfect. We also stock beautifully handmade Tech-Style Archival Print Boxes and Image Boxes. Covered in black buckram and lined in acid and chlorine free archival paper, they provide a sophisticated storage and presentation option for your artwork. The Print Boxes are 15mm deep with a removable lid and are ideal for long term storage of prints, photographs and documents. The Portfolio Boxes open flat and have become very popular with final year students for presenting their art. Archival quality crystal clear sleeves for use with the boxes give a professional presentation. They are sealed on three sides without punched holes and will not stick to your photographs. Designers, artists and students continue to trust this high quality brand.

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