3M was founded in Minnesota in 1902. The company entered the graphic supplies market in the early 1940’s and is now the market leader in Adhesive Sprays and Tapes for art and design use. Initially producing sandpaper products, 3M has since become a leader in a number of markets from science and healthcare to office and graphic products. The invention of Masking Tape in 1925 was a major milestone for 3M which kick started the creation of the many Scotch brand tapes we now use today. Pullingers stock 3M SprayMount, PhotoMount and DisplayMount as well as Scotch Magic Tape and Artists Double Sided Tape.

SprayMount Spray Adhesive is the first choice among art and design professionals. A student staple for years you will find it in use in most art schools and colleges. 3M SprayMount is used for mounting artwork for portfolios and presentations and for creating mock ups. It allows repositioning for up to 12 hours when sprayed on one surface and when set provides a secure bond. SprayMount gives you a clean, convenient way to mount designs. 3M PhotoMount is a high strength professional grade Spray Adhesive. This spray glue is pH neutral, non-yellowing with a good resistance to high temperatures and UV light making it ideal for mounting photographs, artwork for Exhibitions, maps, older prints and archiving. 3M PhotoMount will give you an immediate and permanent hold. 3M DisplayMount is your ultimate Spray Adhesive. This super strength Spray Adhesive is perfect for permanent bonding in exhibition display and model making. You can effectively mount heavier materials with DisplayMount. Pullingers also stock Scotch Double Sided Artists Tape and Scotch Magic Tape. Double Sided Artists Tape provides a mess free alternative to glue and can be used for mounting photographs and artwork in mood boards as well as for scrapbooking and picture framing. Scotch Magic Tape is a hugely popular product for the home, office and studio. This invisible tape can be written on, will not yellow with age and will not show on photocopies making it ideal for use in Architecture and design. 3M Spray Adhesives and Tapes are high quality convenient art supplies for students, designers and crafters.

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