Letraset, a UK company, was founded in 1959. Their launch of Letraset Dry Transfer lettering in 1961 was “a revolution in the studio” allowing commercial artists to create text quickly. The introduction of their professional blendable markers for concept work and rendering made Letraset first choice among commercial designers. Letraset has since created coloured marker pens such as the iconic Tria, FlexMarkers, a pen with a soft flexible brush tip and the versatile low cost ProMarker which has become an essential piece of kit for any artist, designer and student. Letraset has successfully brought professional quality and performance to a wider creative market with their range of affordable professional permanent markers. Today Letraset supplies art materials to commercial designers, architects, students, Manga artists and illustrators.

Letraset’s Coloured Marker Pens have become industry standard and remain a first choice among professionals and beginners due to their vast and varied colour range, quality and price. You can use them for Architecture, Product or Graphic Design, Manga and Comic Book Art, Card Making, Rubber Stamping, Drawing & Sketching, Fashion Illustration and customising shoes and clothes! Warm and Cool Greys are perfect for rendering drawings in Architecture and Interior design whereas the subtle skin tones work really well in Manga drawings and Fashion design. For streak free colour and a variety of strokes within one marker use Letraset.

Pullingers stock an extensive range of Letraset Pens, individually and in sets, as well as Letraset Rub Down Lettering.

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