Isabey is a French brush manufacturer based in Brittany and has been producing the world’s finest Watercolour Brushes since 1895. The craftswomen of Brittany have been creating beautiful handmade artists brushes for centuries with the traditional skill of brush making being passed down through the generations. Isabey Brush makers must apprentice for ten years before making their first sable or blue squirrel brush. They really are that special and are made by hand from start to finish. All Isabey Brushes are shaped during the mounting of the hair and there is no cutting of the brush tip afterwards. Isabey select brush hairs very carefully and their continued use of traditional methods has ensured their reputation for producing the finest quality artist’s brushes.

Pullingers stock the Isabey Series 6234 Squirrel Mop Brush. This classic French Mop Brush is considered to be the ultimate Watercolour Brush. The Isabey 6234 is made using Kazan blue squirrel hair which is the highest quality natural fibre in the world. Siberian blue squirrel hair has the best capillary action of any natural hair allowing the hairs to hold a large volume of water. This feature combined with the sheer amount of fine hairs packed into each ferrule gives you a mop brush with unrivalled water and colour absorption. The Isabey Series 6234 Brush is the best Watercolour Brush for applying washes and a huge amount of colour in one go. The softness of the squirrel hair is great for blending, with painted edges appearing softer than other sable hair brushes. Although the Isabey Series 6234 is primarily a mop brush it also comes to a fine point for achieving detail. You really can complete an entire painting with this one brush.

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