Sculpey is an American brand of Polymer Clay made and distributed by Polyform Products. Sculpey was first created in the early 1960’s and it was hoped that the clay would act as a thermal transfer compound conducting heat away from the cores of electrical transformers. This was unsuccessful and the clay was put on hold. Upon discovering that Sculpey Polymer Clay could moulded before baking in a domestic oven and also painted, carved, sanded and drilled, Sculpey was given a new direction as an ideal craft and modelling medium. America’s first oven bake clay has been used by children, teachers and animators since. Closely resembling Fimo Polymer Clay, Sculpey is softer to use and easier on children’s hands. Polyform now manufactures a wide range of clay products for craft and modelling.

Pullingers stock Premo Sculpey Clay in a wide range of colours. This soft pliable Polymer Clay can easily be manipulated and blended together yet is firm enough to hold detail. An additional 24 special effect colours are available in the Premo Sculpey Accents range which includes metallic, translucent, glitter and granite. Sculpey’s Original Polymer Clay is available in 795g blocks in white and terracotta. We also stock Sculpey’s Keepsake Clay Kits for capturing handprints and footprints. Super Sculpey is a unique Polymer Clay used in animation studios worldwide. This semi translucent clay imitates real skin and is a firm choice with artists, students and doll makers. You can colour Super Sculpey by adding Premo Sculpey and it can also be sanded, drilled and painted. Super Sculpey will hold the finest of detail making it extremely popular in prototype making for design and in animation and sculpture. Sculpey Modelling Clays are ideal for children’s craft projects, jewellery making and sculpture.

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