Reeves first set up shop near St Paul’s Cathedral in 1766. There William Reeves began to make and sell his own paints. His invention of the Moist Watercolour Paint-Cake in 1781established Reeves as a leader in the manufacture of artist’s materials. His use of honey as a binder with the pigment not only gave the paint a gelatinous consistency but kept the paint moist and ready to use. The invention of a new dried watercolour impressed the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce and Reeves were awarded the “Great” silver palette “for the manufacture of Watercolour improved”. Reeves are an innovative company that has consistently adapted to the changing times and needs of artists and teachers. Their foreign market initially grew from sending painting and drawing to military stores in India and it was Reeves art supplies that kept General Bonaparte busy as a prisoner on the Isle of St Helena! In 1866 Reeves began concentrating their efforts on paints for school children and beginners with Poster Colour being introduced in the 1920’s and powder Tempera colours in the 1940’s. Reeves is the leading supplier of Painting by Numbers and Art and Craft Materials to children, crafters and artists worldwide.

Pullingers stock a huge range of Reeves Art Supplies for drawing, painting and craft. As well as Powder Paint, Poster Paint and Finger Paint, we sell Glitter Paint and Glitter Glues and a wide range of Pencil, Paint and Crayon Sets. The Reeves Watercolour Metal Tin Set is an ideal watercolour set for a child and the wide variety of Reeves Watercolour; Acrylic and Oil Sets are perfect for beginners and make great gifts. The robust Reeves Workstation is an ideal Table Easel for children and artists, giving a larger surface area to work on than most. Wooden Manikins, Mini Canvases and Mini Easels are very popular. Reeves Art Supplies are widely used in education, art and craft classes and by beginners, children, students and crafters. Their products are reliable and offer great value for money. Reeves Paint Sets are a good starting point for those new to art and design.

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