Mapac became established in 1955 and quickly made their name with the invention of the “School Book Bag”. Mapac entered the Art industry in the mid 90’s and after taking over the Artcare brand in 2006 they secured their position as Europe’s top supplier of Artist’s Luggage. Mapac Portfolios, Carry Cases, Display Books and Painting Accessories are now sold throughout Europe.

Pullingers stock Mapac Project Bags, Professional Presenters and Designer Maxi Cases as well as a range of brush rolls and wallets including the very handy Brush Easel Case. Almost every school and college student will have used a Mapac Project Bag at some point. Made of heavy duty clear polythene with side gussets for extra capacity they are ideal for transporting artwork to college and back. They are also great for storing children’s drawings and artwork at home. The Mapac Designer Maxi Case is designed to carry a heavier workload and has a 70mm gusset with side reinforcements. The handle and adjustable shoulder strap are extremely comfortable making it the perfect case for carrying artwork and boards. The Designer Maxi Case is the only carrying case available in A0 size. Mapac Professional Presenters are a popular alternative to conventional portfolio cases. Available in A2, A3 and A4 they have soft leather look outer covers and 20 double sided clear sleeves. The Mapac Professional Presenters provide a sleek and simple way to present your creative work. Mapac’s Art Supplies are well designed yet affordable, making them an ideal choice for students and artists alike.

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