Snazaroo produce the world’s favourite face and body paints. All Snazaroo Face Paints are skin friendly, non-toxic, fragrance free and washable. In fact, all Snazaroo Face Painting Products have been tested by dermatology and toxicology professionals to ensure that they are safe for children. Snazaroo Face Paints are used by everyone from make-up artists, kid’s entertainers, students and your everyday clown. Snazaroo is a must for fancy dress, festivals, Halloween and kids parties. Pullingers Snazaroo products include a range of Face Paints, Gels, Special FX Products and Clown White.

Snazaroo Classic Colour Face Paints are vibrant face and body paints that are easy to apply and take off. They are very economical and go a long way. They can be applied with a sponge, finger or brush and are easily blendable. The range includes standard colours as well as Metallic and Sparkle effects. Snazaroo Glitter Gels can be applied on top of the standard face paints or on their own. You will find Snazaroo Glitter Gels in many make-up artists’ tool kits. Snazaroo Clown White Face Paint is an easy to apply creamy base coat and ideal for any professional clowns or mime artist. Snazaroo Special FX Wax can be built up in layers to create realistic special effects on the skin such as scars, wounds and warts. Finish it off with Snazaroo Face and Body Paints and Snazaroo Gel Blood. Gel Blood has a perfect consistency for creating realistic blood effects and comes in dark and light colours to imitate new and old blood. We also stock Snazaroo Spirit Gum Glue which is water soluble and used to stick hair and sequins to the face and body. Whatever you want to be Snazaroo Face Paints & Accessories have it covered. All you need is imagination!

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