Newclay Products Ltd was established in the 1960’s by the Lewis family who were arts and craft teachers by profession. The Lewis’s first created Newclay as an ideal modelling material for children without the time consuming complications of firing and glazing. Further products emerged all from a garden shed in Chislehurst. The Newclay business has since been sold and is now run by Paul and Valerie Dearing. Newclay is a nylon reinforced air drying clay that is suitable for adults and children. It is the clay of choice for many sculptors due to its non-sticky nature and slow shrinkage during drying. Newclay will not go brittle and can also be successfully kiln fired. The most talented animators in the country use Newclay modelling materials especially Newplast. Think Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Harry Potter. More unusually Newclay products include a “fake” Semtex used in training sniffer dogs!

Pullingers stock Newclay, Newplast, Claydium, Modelling Wire and H1 and H2 Hardeners. Claydium is reinforced air-drying modelling clay. Although similar to Newclay Claydium is smoother to use and will give a stronger and harder finish. Newplast, similar to Plasticine, is a high quality non- drying reusable modelling material. Newplast is firm enough to retain shape yet malleable enough to merit it as the animators modelling material of choice. Newplast is used for a variety of applications from animation to construction and is available in a range of 26 colours that can be blended together. Newclay Art Supplies are the choice of artists and animators. Make Newclay your first choice for modelling materials.

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