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Tulip is the leading brand of fabric paint for customising clothes, canvas, cards and so much more. Tulip Three Dimensional Paints are non-toxic machine washable paints that can be applied to fabrics, paper, card, wood, glass ceramic, etc. Tulip’s wide range of colours and finishes as well as their superior adhesion has made them the choice of crafters for over a decade. Tulip art supplies can be used in children’s craft projects, by students and crafters. They are especially popular for children’s parties and for decorating at Christmas and Halloween.

Pullingers stock a wide range of Tulip Paints and Fabric Pens. We stock the precision tipped 37ml bottles in Slick, Metallic, Glow and Glitter effects as well as sets including neon colours. Tulip Glow is particularly popular and will glow in the dark and very brightly under UV light. Great for clothes, props and parties. Tulip Fabric Markers come in fine and brush tips. They are great for writing and drawing onto t-shirts, hats and shoes. The neon Fabric Spray Kit and the Glitter Fabric Sprays are ideal for creating costumes and backdrops. For adding 3D effects onto canvas and glass as well as customising clothes and shoes choose Tulip 3D Fabric Paints.

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