Inscribe manufacture Soft Pastels and Oil Pastels. Used extensively in schools and colleges, they are the UK’s most popular drawing pastels. Inscribe Pastels are ideal for beginners and students as well as professional pastel artists looking for a great value pastel set. Inscribe Soft Pastels have a soft but not crumbly texture. Their square shape allows you to use the pastel on its side for blocking in larger areas of colour while the edges and corners are great for detail. Despite their low price Inscribe Pastels have a strong pigment load making them perfect for any level of pastel artist. The half size sticks are a great way to buy a range of colours on a budget or to introduce someone to the art of pastel drawing. Inscribe’s Gallery Oil Pastels have an equally high pigment content and a creamy consistency. The brilliant colours can be applied directly from the stick and layered over each other to create a textured effect. You can also add white spirit or Zest It to create thin glazes.

Pullingers stock Inscribe Soft Pastels in a variety of full and half size sets. The Inscribe Gallery Oil Pastels are available in sets of 12, 24, 36 and 48 and also come in a wooden box set of 72. We also stock Inscribe Soft Pastel Sets in grey tones and earth tones. Inscribe Art Supplies are perfect for the beginner pastel artist and the art and design student looking for great value for money.

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