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Old Holland

Old Holland Oil Paint continues to be produced using traditional formulas and is the closest you will get to the handmade paints used by the Dutch masters. Old Holland has more than three centuries of paint making expertise under its belt. Colour making continues to be done by hand with lightfast pigments being triple milled several times to achieve a beautiful creamy consistency. The high pigment load in Old Holland Oil Paint gives incredible colour strength and covering power. There is no colour change from tube to canvas.

Trusted worldwide by fine artists and conservators, Old Holland Oil Paint is loved for its purity, thickness and high pigment to binder ratio. The full range of 168 colours covers a wide variety of hues and opacity. All beautiful to use but it is in the cobalts, cadmiums and skin tones that Old Holland really stands out. Nothing beats the quality of a traditional formula. Make Old Holland Oil Paint your first choice.

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