Pentel was founded in 1946 as the Japan Stationary Co Ltd and produces writing pens. Pentel are responsible for the invention of non-permanent marker technology and the first acrylic fibre tipped pen in the 1960’s. They are world renowned for producing the finest mechanical pencils and leads. Their extensive research into graphite lead gave us Super Hi-Polymer leads which are unbeatably smooth and strong. Pentel UK provide a huge range of Art Supplies including pens, pencils and markers. Pentel revolutionised the pen market in the 1970’s with the Rollerball concept. It is thought that the Pentel Rolling Writer was used by Secret Intelligence Agents to write secret invisible messages! Pentel create products for use at home, school and in the office. Their vast range of Pens and Pencils include Ball Point Pens, Rollerball Pens, Permanent Markers, Mechanical Pencils and Gel Ink Pens. Pentel is the only pen manufacturer to receive the Deming award, a global quality award, for recognition of high quality.

Pullingers stock many of your favourite Pentel products. For drawing and drafting look at the classic P200 Series Automatic pencils and the premier Pentel GraphGear which has a great weight to it and is fully retractable. Pentel’s durable Sign pen has been in production since 1963 and remains popular for writing, illustration and graphics. Pentel Energel Pens are a recent addition and feature smooth flowing and fast drying inks. Their Aquash Water Brushes are extremely popular with artists. The refillable water chamber makes this watercolour brush an ideal addition to any sketching or watercolour kit, especially while travelling. Pentel’s iconic Brush Pen has a very flexible and durable brush tip allowing you to achieve differing strokes as a paintbrush would. It is refillable and is ideal for manga, sketching, calligraphy and fashion illustration. We also stock a wide range of Pentel Permanent Marker Pens and other art supplies including Micro Correct Correction Pens, Laundry Markers and Fabric Fun Pastel Sets for creating designs on textiles. For high quality writing and drawing supplies choose Pentel.

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