Rotring, a German technical and drawing instrument company, introduced the first Rapidograph in 1953 with the Isograph being launched in 1976. New technology replaced the traditional ruling pen and simplified the technical drawing process. The introduction of a narrow steel tube instead of a traditional nib and later the capillary cartridge revolutionised the technical pen market. Technical expertise and innovation has ensured Rotring’s continued appeal with architects, illustrators and students.

Rotring Technical Pens come in precision line widths from 0.1 to 1.0mm giving a wide choice whether you need a continuous line or a range for tonal and detailed work. Rotring’s technical pen ink is the densest, blackest ink on the market giving a superior line. Pullingers stock the Rapidograph and Isograph Technical Pens as well as College sets which offer a great saving on individual pens. They are highly recommended if starting an Architecture or Interior Design course.

For technical precision in your artwork use Rotring Technical Pens and Rotring Ink

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