Berol manufacture a wide range of pens and markers for children and adults. Berol originated from the Eagle Pencil Company of New York that set up a London office and warehouse in 1894 with the London factory operating from 1907. The Second World War brought a break in pencil manufacture while the factory produced secret military equipment. The company has been named Berol since 1969 and is owned by Rubbermaid, one of the largest pen and pencil manufacturers. Berol creates great value products and its famous Berol Handwriting Pen has been used in British Schools since 1969.

Pullingers stock Berol’s most popular products. The Berol Colouring Pens contain a washable ink making them ideal for use at home and in school. The nibs are hard-wearing, long lasting and the pens will continue to work for up to 14 days if the cap is left off. We stock the Berol Colour Pen in Broad and Fine and in singles and sets. Berol Italic Pens are disposable Calligraphy Markers. Use them for writing, card making, wedding invitations and decoration. The Berol Handwriting Pen is used extensively in schools across the UK. This pen is lightweight with an easy grip and a very durable fibre tip making it ideal for children learning to write. Berol Pens are a favourite with teachers and children and offer great value for money. Choose Berol Pens for colouring, drawing and writing.

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