Zest-It is an environmentally friendly alternative to turpentine and white spirit. Not only are Zest-It Oil Painting Mediums non-flammable and biodegradable they are longer lasting than other solvents. “Ten year old Zest-It was found to still clean brushes effectively” and with less evaporation, you use less making it more economical. Zest-It consists of Aliphatic Hydrocarbon and Orange Terpene, a pure food grade oil taken from orange peel. With no CFC’s, low VOC’s and a neutral pH value this oil painting solvent is truly safer for you and the environment and it smells so much better too. Zest-It is an excellent oil paint thinner and cleans brushes without drying them out. Turpentine and white spirit tend to “leech out” the natural oils in natural hair brushes causing brittleness whereas the orange oil in Zest-It effectively conditions your brushes while it cleans. In addition many existing Zest-It users report less headaches and skin irritations after switching to Zest-It Oil Painting products.

Many oil painters choose Zest-It Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner as a safer alternative to White Spirit and Turpentine. Use Zest-It to thin oil paint for under painting, for blending oil bars and oil pastels and for cleaning brushes, palettes and painting knives. You can also use Zest-It to thin oil paint to an ink consistency for use with dip pens. Zest-It Pencil Blend is ideal for blending oil based coloured pencils and for laying down larger areas of colour. Use with Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils, pastels, graphite and crayons. Zest-It Clear Painting Medium increases the flow and drying time of oil paint. It is ideal for blending and glazing techniques and for fine detail painting. Zest-It Art Supplies are kind to you and the environment, economical to use and smell lovely. For a safer solvent to use in your home and art studio choose Zest-It.

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