Charles Roberson and Co has been supplying the finest art supplies and gilding materials since 1810. Charles Roberson was 19th century London’s leading colour maker creating and selling his colours from his Convent garden premises. The location of Roberson’s very first store in the arts quarter of London set the company on course for success. Turner, William Morris, Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill were customers of Roberson. Charles Roberson manufactured his own paints and Art Supplies using secret formulations some of which are used today. The long history of the Roberson Company has been catalogued by Sally A Woodcock and is held by the Hamilton Kerr Institute in Cambridge. Gold Leaf and Gilding supplies are an extremely popular part of the Roberson catalogue. Real gold leaf and imitation are available as well as accompanying sizes and varnishes.

Pullingers stock Roberson’s Real 22 Carat Gold Leaf and 20g Silver Leaf in books of loose and transfer sheets. We also stock Roberson Imitation Gold Leaf as well as Silver and Copper in books of loose and transfer sheets. Imitation leaf is an economical alternative to the real thing for beginners or when you need to cover large areas. Those just starting out in gilding should consider using transfer gold leaf which is easier to apply. For gilding and decorating canvas, metal, wood, jewellery and more choose from Roberson’s range of real and imitation leaf.

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