Swann Morton

Swann Morton Ltd is the world leader in the manufacture of surgical scalpels and blades. Founded in Sheffield in 1932 by Walter R. Swann, J.A. Morton and D.Fairweather, Swann Morton initially made razor blades. When the patent for the 2 piece scalpel expired in 1935 the company put its efforts into expanding its surgical range. Swann Morton handles and Swann Morton blades have been the choice of healthcare professionals ever since and the Swann Morton brand is widely respected and trusted for high quality, precision and reliability. Swann Morton knives for art, craft and modelling are created with the same high precision and performance as their world renowned surgical range. This extensive range of cutting handles and blades are used by artists, graphic designers, students, model makers and crafters. Choose Swann Morton blades for high precision cutting on a wide range of materials.

Pullingers stock a wide selection of Swann Morton Craft Knives and assorted blades. Their blades allow precise and clean cutting and trimming of paper, card, resins, balsa wood and rubber. Swann Morton blades are easy to change so you can always have a sharp scalpel to hand. Whether you are a graphic designer, crafter or making architectural models, Swann Morton have a cutting knife designed just for you.

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