The Moleskine Notebook we know and love is based on the original French “les carnets moleskines”. These were small notebooks covered in black oilcloth which resembled moleskin; a heavy cotton. They were popular in 19th and 20th Century Paris and were handmade by French bookbinders. This legendary notebook was used by artists and writers of the time. Think Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemmingway among others. In the mid 1980’s the manufacture of the original Moleskine sadly ended and they disappeared for over a decade. Thankfully in 1997 the small Milan based company Modo & Modo SpA brought the Moleskine back to life. International demand for Moleskine Notebooks rapidly rose and the company changed their name to Moleskine. Today’s Moleskine is modelled on the original. The gorgeous ivory coloured paper is acid free and with a sewn spine it really does lie flat when open. Black oilcloth is used and finishing touches of ribbon page marker, rounded corners and elastic band combine to create a truly beautiful notebook. Moleskine Journals continue to have an advantage over other sketchbooks and notebooks on the market. Not only are they a joy to use but are slim and compact; ideal for popping in your pocket or bag. The Pocket Moleskine Notebooks are particularly popular with artists and students. Moleskine Sketchbooks are an ideal travel companion and once full of invaluable drawings, memories and ideas they look pretty good on your bookshelf.

Pullingers stock Moleskine Journals in plain, ruled and squared as well as the Moleskine Sketch and Watercolour Journal Notebooks. Also available are the Japanese Album Notebook, the Storyboard Pocket Journal and Music Notebook. The giants of art and literature may not have used your Moleskine however each time you write or sketch in one you feel in good company. If Moleskine was good enough for Pablo Picasso it is good enough for us!

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