Posca Paint Pens are manufactured by the Japanese Mitsubishi Pencil Company and are distributed through the Uni-ball brand. Posca Paint Pens are simply water based paint in a pen. The pen format has been revolutionary and Posca Paint Pens are used widely in art, craft, street art and design applications. They are also non-toxic making them suitable for use in education.

The paint is extremely opaque with a matt finish and can be used on light and dark surfaces. It will not run or seep like normal marker ink so you can safely use Posca Pens in sketchbooks. Posca Paint Pens are amazingly versatile and can draw on almost any surface – paper, canvas, plastic, metal, plaster, wood, glass, fabric and photographs. Many artists use Posca Paint Pens to decorate guitars, skateboards, surfboards and shoes. With the wide range of bright opaque colours and nib sizes there really is no limit with Posca Paint Pens

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