Tracedown from Paperwave is a wax free transfer paper that allows you to trace and transfer designs whether it is from a sketch, design, photo or template onto any surface. Quicker and easier to use than Tracing Paper, Tracedown Transfer Paper can be used on paper, card, canvas, wood, glass and metal. Tracedown gives you a clean, crisp tracing that can be easily erased making it ideal for use in fabric painting, graphic design, glass and ceramic painting and more. Tracedown Tracing Paper can also be used for dressmaking. You can easily transfer your image onto fabric using a tracing wheel and the tracing dots can simply be sponged off if needed. Tracedown Transfer Paper is wax free allowing your trace to be easily painted or inked over. The paper is reusable making it great value for money.

Pullingers stock Tracedown Transfer Paper in A3 packs of single and assorted colours. Use Graphite Tracedown on white papers and surfaces and the yellow or white on darker colours. The red is ideal for use on mixed coloured surfaces whereas the blue is non-photographic and essential for graphic key lines and mechanicals. Tracedown Transfer Paper is a superior all-purpose tracing paper.

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