Maimeri was founded in 1923 by the Italian Impressionist painter Gianni Maimeri and his brother Carlo Maimeri, who had excellent chemical knowledge. It was one of the first factories (named Fratelli Maimeri) in Italy to manufacture artists’ paints and varnishes. Within 10 years, Maimeri was producing and distributing high quality oil paints, tempera, watercolours, powder pigments for artists, mediums and varnishes.

Over the years, with their artistic interest and passion, they produced highly concentrated, lightfast paints, including the new superior artists’ quality MaimeriBlu Watercolour Paints. These paints are available in 12ml tubes and come in 90 colours, all of which are made up of single pigments. This offers watercolour artists’ the purest of colours.

In 2014, Maimeri joined the FILA group to expand creativity and meet the demands of artists on a beginners and professional level.

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