Aristo have been manufacturing high quality technical drawing materials since 1862. The company was initially founded in Hamburg under the name Dennert & Pape making mathematical and geodetic measuring tools. The invention of the new plastic Aristopal in 1936 gave the brand its name, Aristo and production was moved to Austria during World War 2. Aristo introduced the classic Plexiglas Geo Triangle, the Geodreieck, in 1964 which is considered to be industry standard worldwide. Aristo continue to produce the finest quality drafting supplies and are one of the leading suppliers of technical drawing equipment across Europe.

Pullingers stock Aristo Adjustable Set Squares for technical drawing. These clear Plexiglas Set Squares are fully adjustable with a chrome screw. Easy to read and adjust they are ideal for both students of architecture, engineering and product design as well as design professionals.

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