Colour Shaper

Colour Shapers are unique silicone painting and sculpting tools made by Royal Sovereign. Royal Sovereign was formed after World War I when two established British pencil manufacturers joined forces. Arthur Johnson and E.Wolff & Son went into partnership in an attempt to rebuild their pre-war markets. These had been neglected during the war as the Allied Forces demands for pencils took priority. As well as a wide range of pencils and other art supplies Royal Sovereign make the revolutionary Colour Shapers. This innovative tool has so many applications you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Colour Shapers can be used for pastel and charcoal blending, for applying masking fluid and paint as well as working into clays and plasticine. This versatile tool easily lifts paint from the surface and enables you to draw or carve lines and shapes into oil, acrylic, glass paint or clay. The unique silicone tip will simply wipe clean and there is no need for solvents. They are so easy to clean with no colour transfer making them an ideal tool for the pastel artist.

Pullingers stock Colour Shapers in both soft (ivory) and firm (grey) tips in singles and sets. Colour Shapers would make a great addition to any artist’s tool kit.

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