Pebeo Studio GREEN Acrylic Mediums

Pebeo Studio GREEN Acrylic Mediums

Pebeo Studio GREEN is the first range of eco-designed acrylic auxiliaries devised from 100% recycled raw material, offering a more sustainable alternative to traditional acrylic paint mediums. Pebeo have produced this range of mediums to provide the painter with a choice of products that are more friendly to people and the environment, but still meet the same quality required. The basis of the formulation replaces petrochemical resin with 100% recycled resin, which generates 6 to 7 times less CO2 emissions than traditional binders and which boasts performance in terms of adhesion, strength, flexibility and durability that is completely comparable to traditional acrylic resins.

The jars and bottles are 100% recycled (not including caps and lids), and recyclable.

You will find in this range, three gessos, an acrylic binder, a fluid medium, a phosphorescent gel and two modeling pastes.

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