Winsor & Newton Oil Mediums

Winsor & Newton Oil Mediums

Winsor & Newton Oil Mediums are additives which alter or enhance the characteristics of the oil colour. They are used to change the rate of drying, increase gloss, improve flow, provide texture etc. Oil Mediums are based on the binders used in milling the colours: linseed oil, alkyd resin and modified oils for water mixable oils.

Traditional oil based mediums are made from a combination of oil and solvents, while the alkyd based mediums combine synthetic alkyd resins and solvents. Because alkyd resin functions in much the same way as linseed oil, alkyd mediums may be added to conventional oils. Alkyd resin mediums offer dramatic advantages by accelerating the speed of drying, as well as adding a unique, natural translucency.

All of Winsor & Newton Oil Mediums should be used in moderation, as they are intended only as an additive to the oil colour. In addition, you should avoid adding multiple mediums to the oil colour. The most stable film is likely to contain a single medium.

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