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Pebeo 7A Fabric Markers For Drawing On Fabric

Pebeo 7A Fabric Markers
Pebeo 7A fabric markers (previously named Pebeo Setaskrib Pens) are available in two different ranges. Easy to use, you can customise your clothes and accessories with a professional finish.
Pebeo 7A Light Fabric Textile Markers are available in 18 transparent colours, including 6 fluorescent neon colours. They have a 1mm brush tip for fine drawing, writing and applying larger areas of coverage.
Pebeo 7A Opaque Fabric Markers come in 18 colours, including 4 metallic colours and 6 pastel colours. The ink is opaque and matt, so covers even the darkest of fabrics. They have a broad 4mm round bullet tip.
All markers are waterbased and decorated fabric is washable at 40°c once the paint has been iron fixed for 5 minutes. Perfect for customiing clothes, shoes, makes and accessories.

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