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Caran D'ache Fibralo Watersoluble Pens - Tin Of 30

Caran d'Ache
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Caran D’ache Fibralo pens are water-soluble fibre tipped markers with a 2.5mm tip, which is useful for creating bold lines and blocks of vivid colour effortlessly. These markers have coloured barrels for ease of identification of colour, and ventilated caps making them safe for children to use.

The water based ink can be used alone to create brilliant colours, or worked with a wet paintbrush producing watercolour effects and washes. The ink can also be applied to a glossy surface, and used as paint.

Perfect for children and adults alike, these pens would be ideally suited to illustration work, designing, planning and sketches, as well as for writing, colouring, card making and other craft and hobby projects.

This set of Caran D’ache Fibralo fibre tipped pens contains the following 30 colours:

003- Light Grey, 009- Black, 010- Yellow, 030- Orange, 035- Ochre, 042- Flesh, 050- Flame Red, 051- Salmon, 059- Brown, 065- Russet, 070- Scarlet, 081- Pink, 089- Dark Carmine, 090- Purple, 110- Lilac, 120- Violet, 131- Periwinkle Blue, 140- Ultramarine, 141- Sky Blue, 159- Prussian Blue, 160- Cobalt Blue, 161- Light Blue, 171- Turquoise Blue, 180- Malachite Green, 210- Emerald Green, 211- Jade Green, 220- Grass Green, 240- Lemon Yellow, 245- Light Olive, 249- Olive.

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