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Caran d'Ache Museum Aquarelle Pencils - 40 Assorted Set

Caran d'Ache
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The Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle set of 40 fine quality pencils offers a wonderful range of colours that can be mixed and blended to create many more shades and tones.

These beautifully soft pencils are presented in a sturdy cardboard box with a separate lid. They are all highly pigmented with exceptional lightfastness and being made from strong cedar wood, will sharpen to a fine point without the risk of breaking.

The Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle set of 40 will make a wonderful gift for any pencil or water colour artist. Used dry they offer strong, brilliant colours whilst used wet, flawless transparency can be achieved.

This boxed set contains the following 40 colours
720 Bright Green
210 Emerald Green
710 Phthalocyan Green
181 Light Malach Green
161 Light Blue
171 Turquoise Blue
670 Permanent Blue
162 Phthalocyanine Blue
640 Dark Ultramarine
120 Violet
131 Periwinkle Blue
350 Purplish Red
070 Scarlet
560 Light Cadmium Red
571 Anthraquinoid Pink 
850 Cornelian
030 Orange
530 Gold Cadmium Yellow
010 Yellow
240 Lemon Yellow
009 Black
508 Paynes Grey
004 Steel Grey
001 White
902 Sepia 10%
808 French Grey
719 Dark Phthalo Green
225 Moss Green
548 Umber
046 Cassel Earth
059 Brown
599 Crimson Aubergine
065 Russet
044 Terracotta
077 Burnt Ochre
037 Brown Ochre
034 Yellow Ochre
542 Light Flesh 10%
015 Olive Yellow
470 Spring Green

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