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Derwent Pastel Pencils Wooden Box of 48

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Derwent Pastel Pencil has been relaunched with a contemporary new look, softer texture and rejuvenated range of colours.

The new softer texture means improved performance. The pencil glides across the surface of the paper, transferring the colour with a velvety touch that produces a smooth and full bodied powdery finish. It is now easy to move colour around your drawing, especially with the help of a paper stump if you want to keep your fingers clean!

The range of Pastel Pencils has been reduced from 90 shades to a more balanced selection of 72. The vibrant and intense colours blend easily to create an infinite number of hues and tints.

The new pencils sharpen much more easily so you can enjoy the best of both worlds; the beauty of pastels with the precision of a pencil. The barrel coating on the pencils uses environmentally friendly water-based paint technology.

A beautiful light mahogany finish, two tiered wooden box containing a selection of 48 pencils. This lovely box is small enough to be carried plus has the bonus of magnetic drawer backs to ensure that the drawers do not fall out when turned on their side.

This luxurious wooden box of 48 Derwent Pastel Pencils contains the following colours:
P010 Vanilla
P020 Zinc Yellow
P030 Process Yellow
P050 Saffron
P070 Naples Yellow
P100 Spectrum Orange
P130 Cadmium Red
P140 Raspberry
P150 Flesh
P160 Crimson
P180 Pale Pink
P200 Magenta
P210 Dark Fuchsia
P230 Soft Violet
P260 Violet
P280 Dioxazine Purple
P290 Ultramarine
P300 Pale Ultramarine
P320 Cornflower Blue
P330 Cerulean Blue
P340 Cyan
P350 Prussian Blue
P360 Indigo
P370 Pale Spec Blue
P390 Cobalt Blue
P410 Forest Green
P430 Pea Green
P450 Green Oxide
P480 May Green
P490 Pale Olive
P500 Ionian Green
P510 Olive Green
P530 Sepia
P540 Burnt Umber
P560 Raw Umber
P570 Tan
P580 Yellow Ochre
P590 Chocolate
P610 Burnt Carmine
P620 Dark Sanguine
P640 Terracotta
P650 French Grey Dark
P670 French Grey Lt
P680 Aluminium Grey
P690 Blue Grey
P700 Graphite Grey
P710 Carbon Black
P720 Titanium White
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