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Derwent Coloursoft Pencils Tin of 36

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This fabulous pencil from Derwent has a soft, velvety strip, ideal for the quick, dense application of bold,vibrant colour. The unique formulation is also highly blendable, allowing an infinite spectrum of subtly different tones to be created. Although perfect for bold, contemporary drawings and sketches, Derwent Coloursoft can also be sharpened to a fine point for more detailed work, such as fashion illustration,animal portraiture and landscapes.

This tin of 36 Derwent Coloursoft Pencils contains the following colours:

C020 Acid Yellow
C040 Deep Cadmium
C070 Orange
C080 Bright Orange
C100 Rose
C120 Red
C140 Deep Fuchsia
C160 Loganberry
C180 Blush Pink
C210 Pink Lavender
C220 Grey Lavender
C260 Bright Lilac
C270 Royal Purple
C300 Indigo
C320 Electric Blue
C330 Blue
C360 Cloud Blue
C370 Pale Blue
C390 Grey Green
C420 Green
C440 Light Green
C460 Lime Green
C470 Mint
C500 Lichen Green
C520 Dark Brown
C530 Pale Brown
C540 Pimento
C560 Peach
C590 Ochre
C610 Dark Terracotta
C630 Brown Earth
C650 Black
C660 Persian Grey
C670 Dove Grey
C690 Steel Grey
C720 White

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