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Conte Pastel Pencils Tin Of 24

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A set of 24 assorted Conte a Paris Pastel Pencils in a tin.  Conte Pastel Pencils blend easily and have a wide 5mm lead so that colour can be laid down quickly across the paper.  Pastel Pencils offer more control compared to pastels and are exceptionally good for creating fine detail pastel drawings.

This tin of 24 Conte Pastel Pencils contains the following colours: 004 Medium Yellow, 047 Naples Yellow, 012 Orange, 040 Red Lead, 003 Vermilion, 039 Garnet Red, 048 Flesh, 049 Light Orange, 041, Cyclamen, 005 Violet, 046 Dark Ultramarine, 006 King Blue, 029 Light Blue, 034 Emerald Green, 002 Dark Green, 008 Light Green, 044 St Michael Green, 017 Yellow Ochre, 007 Red Brown, 001 Bistre, 032 Umber, 033 Dark Grey, 009 Black & 013 White.

Try combining Conte Pastel Pastels with Conte Soft Pastels or Conte Carres Hard Pastels to achieve a variety of pastel techniques, from expressive pastel work and colour layering to fine detail precision drawing.

We recommend that you use these pastel pencils on a pastel paper.  Pastel paper has a grain for the pastel to adhere to, preventing the pastel pigment from falling off the paper.  Once you have completed your pastel piece, use a fixative to protect the pastel and to keep colours rich and vibrant.

This set is ideal for beginners and artists.

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