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Product code: DR160320203

FW Mixed Media Paint Marker Set 2-6mm Chisel 203

Daler Rowney
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This set has 2 x Daler Rowney FW Mixed Media Paint Markers with a 2-6mm Chisel Nib and 2 spare nibs. The chisel nib is perfect for filling in larger areas of colour and for creating broad bold strokes and outlines.

Refill your FW Mixed Media Paint Markers with Acrylic Inks (including FW Inks and System 3 Inks), Watercolour Paints and Drawing Inks (not pearlescent or metallic inks as these pigments will clog the pens).

These medium sized FW Paint Markers will hold 5ml of ink and have a clear barrel with measurements on the side in ml. This makes it easy to see how much ink is left in your pen and for filling it up and mixing colours precisely.

Spare nibs are available in packs. Shake before use.

FW Mixed Media Paint Markers also come in other nib sizes for creating a wide range of drawing techniques.

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