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FW Acrylic Ink Pouring Medium 750ml

Daler Rowney
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FW Acrylic Ink Pouring Medium by Daler Rowney can be used to create a marbled effect on virtually any surface. Mix your acrylic inks with the Pouring Medium to create a fluid colour that can be poured, dripped and swirled without the colours mixing together.

To use FW Acrylic Ink Pouring Medium, simply add 1 part ink to 1 part pouring medium in a cup or container and stir. Do the same with other colours in separate cups.

You can then either pour the colours out on to your surface individually, or you can pour them all into one cup (don't mix it). Turn the cup upside down on your surface and lift it up to see the colours pour out.

This Acrylic Pouring Medium is ideal for using with fluid inks such as FW Acrylic Inks, System 3 Acrylic Inks, Aquafine Inks, Liquitex Inks and other water-based inks.

It is suitable for use on various surfaces, including canvas, wood, 3D wooden panels and other primed surfaces.

FW Acrylic Ink Pouring Medium dries with a smooth, glossy, finish and doesn't effect the properties of the ink or lighten the colour. Why not try it with the range of FW Pearlescent Inks!

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