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Daler Rowney Small Firm Putty Rubber

Daler Rowney
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Daler Rowney Putty Rubbers can be moulded to a fine point for delicate erasing and are ideal for erasing charcoal and pastel drawings without smearing. These Putty Rubbers are available in two sizes and two types, firm and soft. The Soft Putty Rubber is ideal for picking up graphite and any type of loose pigment, without smudging it or taking off the paper surface. It is particularly good for use on watercolour paper where damage to the paper surface is best avoided. The Soft Putty Rubber is also easily moulded into any shape so is useful for erasing intricate areas. The Firm Putty Rubber is ideal for using to pick out highlights in your pencil work as it retains its shape better.
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