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Daler Rowney Simply Art Sketchboard

Daler Rowney
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The Daler Rowney Simply Art Sketchboard is a lightweight and sturdy drawing board that can be used in either portrait or landscape. This handy drawing board has a cut-out carry handle which is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The board also has 2 action clips to clip paintings, drawings and even canvas boards securely in place. There is also an elasticated band to help stop your pages from moving whilst you are sketching on the go!

Ideal as a flat surface for illustrators, painters, designers and those who love to paint and draw outdoors, the Daler Rowney SImply Art Sketchboard makes an great addition to your art materials, and is perfect for students and those attending Art Classes.

Dimensions- 22x25" (560X635cm) & 5mm Thickness.

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