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Pitt Artists' Pen Manga Basic Set - 8 Assorted Sizes

Faber Castell
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This set of 8 Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pens is ideal for those who are just beginning with manga art. With sturdy nibs and non-fading ink, these pens are also resistant to water and are permanent.  This set comes with everything you will need to begin drawing manga for the first time, including a handy hint and advice guide to help with technique.


Pitt artists Brush Pens: 272- Warm Grey III, 273- Warm Grey IV, 632- Cold Grey III, 633- Cold Grey IV, 635- Cold Grey VI.

Pitt Artists Pens: Black Superfine (0.3mm), Black Medium (0.7mm), Black Brush (Varies, depending on pressure)

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