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Whitby 636 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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This puzzle from Gibsons shows the breathtaking visuals of Whitby's skyline, where the prominent feature is the St. Hilda's Abbey ruins on the East Cliff, overseeing the area. Beneath it, a network of alleys and pathways lead towards the bustling quayside. Additionally, you can see a bit of St Mary's, the churchyard of which provided Bram Stoker with the inspiration to write his novel "Dracula."

  • Biodegradable clear labels are used to secure the lid instead of shrink wrap to reduce plastic waste.
  • The puzzle pieces are stored in a plastic bag that can be recycled by most councils.
  • The box is slighlty smaller than previous desigs, allowing you to store your puzzles more easily.
  • Includes an artwork poster inside for reference.
  • Puzzle measures 32x69cm when complete, includes 636 pieces.
  • Made from thick, durable board that is 100% recycled.
  • Artwork by John Wood.
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