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Product code: GIBG5043

Winter about Town Jigsaw 4 x 500pc

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Winter about Town. This collection of 4 puzzles by Kevin Walsh is a charming series of festive pictures. The seasonal streets are filled with people gathering Christmas gifts and trees.

4 x 500 Piece Jigsaws
Each puzzle is 35cm x 49cm when complete
Manufactured in the UK
Artist - Kevin Walsh

Gibsons Games Puzzles are made from a thick durable board which is 100% recycled.

Gibsons have made some positive changes to their processes, not only does the box have a fresh new look, but they've used biodegradable clear labels to secure the lid instead of shrink wrap to reduce plastic waste.
There is a gloss coating on the box for extra protection and the puzzle pieces are stored in a plastic bag that can be recycled by most councils.
Their boxes are slightly smaller than previous designs, therefore needing less room to transport their products which reduces their carbon footprint.
They have also put an artwork poster inside for you to reference whilst you piece together your jigsaw puzzle.

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