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Mind the Gap Game

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Mind the Gap Family Card Game. Presented in a tin shaped as the iconic London Underground logo, this quick-play card game features well known stations from the tube. A simple but engaging game, it is just the ticket for young travellers and old timers alike.

For age 6+
For 2-8 players
Contains 95 Station Cards, 21 Special Turn Cards

How to play:
Each player is dealt 8 cards and must match a coloured line from the previous card in order to play. Your opponents will try to slow you down with an Arsenal of special cards that could hinder your journey, whilst your cards can be Euston other passengers to slow them down or trip them up. The aim of the game is to avoid delays and be the first to get rid of your cards – but above all, make sure you MIND THE GAP!

Gibsons games are great fun for all ages. From quick-play games like Mind the Gap and Pass the Bomb, to family and strategy games like Hare & Tortoise, 221b Baker Street and Civilization, their best-selling board games will keep the whole family entertained for hours!


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