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Crystal Hall Family Game

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Crystal Hall Family Game. This exciting game is a race around a magical board, discovering and collecting powerful crystals to become the strongest wizard and win the game. Cast spells, drink potions and teleport to new locations as your wizards explore the board. Beware!! Curses, warps and fireballs are some of the dangers lurking in the Crystal Hall…do you have what it takes to be the most powerful wizard in the Crystal Hall?

For age 10+
For 2-4 players
Contains gameboard, 32 game cards, punchboard x 3, 1 dice, 16 playing pieces, 16 gem and game rules.

How to Play: Lead your wizard-shaped counters around the hall in a quest to uncover the four magical crystals that are hidden among the 36 face-down tiles. The first player to visit each of these tiles and extract the crystals is the winner. However, there’s a twist, as there are more than just crystals under the tiles…cauldrons, potions, curses, even enchanted swamps await each player. And the other twist is that as witches and wizards, each player has lots of disruptive spells up their sleeves that can be used to ensure that they are first to get their hands on the mystical crystals of power.

Gibsons games are great fun for all ages. From quick-play games like Mind the Gap and Pass the Bomb, to family and strategy games like Hare & Tortoise, 221b Baker Street and Civilization, their best-selling board games will keep the whole family entertained for hours!

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