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Product code: GIBG9022

Zonkers Game

Our Price £12.45

Zonkers Family Game. This is a fast and frantic dice game that's a whole lot of fun. The aim of the game is to be the player who matches the most dice with the numbers on the cards.

Perfect for solo play or with up to 4 players, Zonkers provides head-to-head frenzied fun that can be enjoyed on the go or at home with the whole family.

For age 6+
For 1-4 players
Contains 20 dice and 60 game cards
Total game time is 15-30 minutes

Gibsons games are great fun for all ages. From quick-play games like Mind the Gap and Pass the Bomb, to family and strategy games like Hare & Tortoise, 221b Baker Street and Civilization, their best-selling board games will keep the whole family entertained for hours!

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