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Sennelier Oil Pastels Wooden Box of 36 Assorted Colours

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This Sennelier Oil Pastel Wooden Box Set of 36 Assorted Colours contains a single tier, foam lined to protect each pastel.It makes an ideal gift for any pastel artist.

This Sennelier Oil Pastel Wooden Box contains 001 White,  002 Azure Blue, 007 Prussian Blue, 012 Grey Deep, 018 Bright Yellow, 020 Deep Yellow,  023 Black, 031 Ruby Red, 032 Vetetian Red,036 Burnt Sienna, 037 Raw Sienna, 038 Vermilion,039 Chromium Green Deep, 040 Baryte Green, 041 Cinnabar Green Deep, 043 Cobalt Green Light,  076 Violet Alizarin Lake, 085 Chrome Green Medium, 086 Chromium Green Light, 088 Sap Green Light,  090 Chinese Orange, 091 Chrome Red, 093 Sennelier Brown Light, 095 Cobalt Violet Light,  099 Titan Buff, 125 Irridescent White, 132 Iridescent Pearl Golden,  201 Nickel Yellow, 205 Moss Green,  210 Olive Brown, 225 Indian Blue, 230 Rose Ochre, 236 Coral,  237 French Ultramarine Blue, 240 Light English Red, 243 Earth Brown.
Content may vary according to availability of colours.

We recommend this Sennelier Oil Pastel Wooden Box of 36 for any pastel artist who wishes to try these beautiful, rich oil pastels. Extremely lightfast and bright, the high pigment content allows for an excellent covering potential to be achieved.

For best results we would recommend that Sennelier Oil Pastels are used on oil pastel paper but they can also be used on canvas, cardboard, ceramic, plastic, glass etc. As they never completely dry and remain heat sensitive, we recommend that work is sealed with oil pastel fixative.

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