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Luminance Portrait Colours Set of 20 Assorted

Caran d'Ache
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This box set of 20 assorted portrait colours of Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 Pencils brings together a selection of the new warm and cold flesh tones as well as a selection of dark shades. This set is ideal for creating ultra-realistic portraits of both people and animals. Presesented in a foam lined cardboard box, protecting the pencils and leads from breakages.

The colours included are:

212 Chromium Oxyde Green
713 Middle Verdigris
671 Chrysocolla Blue
140 Ultramarine
135 Bleu De Nimes
649 Indanthrone Blue
639 Dark Indigo
575 Carmine Lake
745 Dark Flesh 40%
044 Terracotta
068 Herculanum Red
583 Violet Pink
094 Hibiscus Pink
115 Quinacridone Purple
580 Anthraquinone Carmine
533 Dark Cadmium Orange
520 Cadmium Yellow
523 Indian Yellow
542 Light Flesh 10%
581 Pink White

Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 Pencils are professional quality artists' coloured pencils. They combine the best lightfastness with the smoothest permanent lead.
Luminance 6901 complies with the ASTM D-6901 standard, the highest international standard concerning coloured pencils' lightfastness.
Two years of research went into developing the formulation for Luminance 6901 in the greatest secrecy in the Geneva workshops. This work has been based on best pigments and the know-how guaranteeing the Swiss Made quality.

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