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Liquitex Pouring Technique Primary Colours Set

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This Liquitex Pouring Technique Primary Colours Set is ideal for experimenting with Liquitex Pouring Medium. Use it to create a marbled effect on virtually any surface. The colours will not mix with each other and the pouring medium results in a glossy even surface.

Included in this Liquitex Pouring Medium Set is:

- 3 x 30ml Liquitex Acrylic Inks with Pipette lid for easy application.
- 1 x 118ml Liquitex Pouring Medium.

The ink colours included are Yellow Medium Azo, Quinacridone Magenta & Phthalocyanine Blue (Green Shade). They are perfect for colour mixing and using to colour the Pouring Medium as they are very fluid so will not thicken up the acrylic medium.

Liquitex Inks are extremely fluid, water-resistant, permanent and lightfast. They can be used with the Pouring Medium and for airbrushing, watercolour effects and screen printing.

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