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Liquitex Masking Fluid 118ml

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Liquitex Masking Fluid is a colourless, latex based liquid that you use for masking off areas where you don't want the paint to go. You can use it with acrylic inks and fluid acrylic colours / washes.

Once you have finished and the paint is dry, just peel off the masking fluid to reveal the clean surface underneath. This masking fluid will leave no residue or stain once removed.

To apply it, use a suitable brush or colour shaper to ensure that you get the detail that you want. Dip you applicator in soapy water first before dipping it in the masking fluid (this will make it easier to clean later). Apply the Liquitex masking fluid in the areas where you don't want the paint to cover and leave it to dry. Now you are ready to paint!

As soon as your painting is dry, carefully peel off the masking fluid. Clean your brush in warm soapy water straight away (don't let the masking fluid dry on it).

Available in a 118ml bottle. Not suitable for thick acrylic paint applications as you won't be able to peel it off.

Liquitex Masking Fluid is simple to paint on, paint over and remove without leaving a trace: bring on the negative space!

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